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Great application for learning how to type without looking at the keyboard

This app is great and best of all it’s free. No ads or in-app-purchases.

Best on the Mac for adults and free

Very basic, barebones graphics, but seems very effective as any of those others. The kids typing trainers are fun and free for the home row, but you pay for more than that. The whole keyboard can be learned with this. This is my second day and I’m still looking at my fingers as I’m typing regularly, like now, so I may need a cover. I know the keys though.

Streamline Awesomeness

I use this application form time to time all the time to quickin up my touch typing and learn all the special keys. I’ve used about 5 different typing applications, this one is by far the best. So simple and intuative measurements of accuracy. I honestly really love this app. Works exactly how I want it too every time. Thank you Takeshi Ogihara!


The app was good, but after a few days it stop responding, i delete it and upload it again, still not working

I am touch typing this entire review...

Would highly recommend this app. I am 20 years old and I was always self-concious of my hunt-and-peck typing. Downloading this app and using it daily broke my habit and got me touch-typing within a few weeks, and after using it for a few months I am now a faster typer than most of my friends.

Just what you need to learn how to type very fast

I am a software developer in a managerial position and wanted to learn how to type very fast. I worked through the first set of exercises and my speed has gone up about three times already. The software is very well designed and comes with a lot of theory built into the lessons. I cannot remember what I paid for the software but it is absolutely worth it. Enjoy.

Thank you!

This app is so helpful. It provides a great foundation.

wow wow wow

i dont know how to thank such a great app !!! for those like me that alwayes writed in find and pick methode it really helped me to be a 10 finger typer without even looking on the keyboard anymore its really great app and helpfull to be a good typist 5 star is not good enough for this app thanks again and again and again

Could Be Better

It does not shoe the strokes, time speed, words per min on the bottom right of the screen. Othere wise it is a good program. Also, I would be willing to pay for a version that shows the progress of the typist.

This is a great app. Download and leave the pecking behind!

I’m typing this message with all ten fingers at a swift pace thanks to this simple and effective app. The journey from pecker to effcient typer isn’t a long one when we excercise a bit of patience and laugh if you get frustrated during the first few exercises. No matter how good you are at pecking (I was a boss), transitioning is definitely worth it. I promise :) Happy typing! P.S. The fact that you cannot backspace and correct your mistakes as you go is a PRO, not a con!


I highly recommend this app! I have learned to type in less than a week! I must tell you though that this takes patience and lots of practice. But after a few days, when you go to perform a google search and you realize that your hands are typing by memory, it will be worth it!


A great tool to brush up your typing skills. I have really enjoyed using it.

Wow, I love it!

As a watch-the-keyboard beginning-level typist, I was even willing to pay money for a training program. Many years ago, I enjoyed Mavis Beacon encouraging me; sadly, recent reviews also enjoyed the OLDER versions and didn’t like the newer ones as much. Plus the least expensive was $20, as a download. This one is GREAT! I also benefited greatly from a sugggestion from Whizbang Trainer to put a box over the keyboard so I can’t see my hands. Wow, that did the trick. Those people moaning about how boring typing fff jj ff jjj is aren’t having as much trouble with it as I am, typing truly blindly. It’s using brain-parts I can almost hear doddering around, bumbling into one another, trying to wake up. It’s definitely a case of doing 3 impossible things before breakfast, and kind of fun, once my head stops feeling strange. Maybe the moaners need a keyboard box. Many thanks to both Whizbang Trainer and the programmers of this stellar App!!

It may be repetative but that is how you learn to touch type!

I read some of the reviews on this program and some of the negativity around it. So I decided to see what the issue was. In short, it’s people not understanding that typing is learned from muscle memory and repetition. Even exercises where you repeatedly type one letter than then another are part of your body getting acquainted with where that key is located as you read the letter. Someone even got all “oh my they are soooo negative.” When the exercise was reviewing word letter combinations. like lag, nag, bag, slag, gag, etc… it’s the combinations of letters and/or relation to the position of the letters on the keyboard. Another said it was boring, um, this isn’t the games section it’s education, not all education needs to be a game. Some of it is boring, but you have to learn the boring things to get to the part that is more interesting to you. Someone questioned why it is counted against you if you backspace and correct it (they didn’t seem to know how to backspace either). It’s because it IS AN ERROR. Even though you corrected it you made and error initially when you typed it. The goal of this program is to type it right the first time error free, and then once you are error free work on increasing your speed. I have been typing for more than a decade and this course is solid and it’s methods are very similar to how I learned to type in school. If you put in the time and go through the paces and repetitiveness you WILL learn to type and sticking to it you will type faster and without needing to look at the keyboard. My only suggestion to help anyone is to place a cardboard box over your keyboard with the side cut out. It will take away your ability to look at the keyboard, but in the long run you will be forced to remember where the keys are located. With a some dedication you can easily type 40 wpm (words per minute). I haven’t tried to speed type for years, I just type how I type. But I found that I still type 50 wpm.


This app was so simple and easy you could do it in 123!! I like how you can repeat your self and do it over and over again , to be a perfectionist it takes patience calmness and diligence! I recommend it to any age at any level , : note to Fingers : warm them up before using the app

Useful, not perfect

My only complaint is that I wish it had Spanish keyboard support. It’s perfect if you’re working on an English keyboard. The lessons are great and with practice and consistency you’ll be typing faster with more accuracy soon. Don’t give up. This takes time. Seriously, be patient.

This is not the right way to teach peopel typing

The worst part of this pap is that you can never delete what you typed. In practice, people usually made mistakes but the “delete” button is actually a very frequently button to use, but this app doesn’t give you a way to delete wrong words. How can people type perfectly all the time, once you typed wrong, even a very tiny mistake, you have to re-type the entire paragraph, it is unresaonble, it is waste of time!

Good for practice...

But, because it does not tell me my strokes/speed/error ratio, it is impossible to know how I am doing…is there a glitch, or do you have to pay for this ‘intel’?

Wonderful Free App

I needed a program to brush up on my typing skills and this app fit the bill perfectly. I did not expect so much out of a free program, but this app really delivers. It is simple and easy to use. I do not know how well it would work for a person who still “hunt and pecks,” but for a seasoned typist, it really assists in brushing up on your skills. I would highly recommend this program to everyone and I have already told other student’s in my law school! The only problem I have had with it is that occassionaly it does not recognize one of the letters that you are typing (like the “1” key). Overall this has not been a problem however.

best type app

After trying several typing software on Windows and Mac, I should say this app is the best so far. It uses certain learning pattern that activates the brain much better than the other ones. It is also very simple to use and start. The only thing I might add would be a slow nice background music to play, other than that is perfect for a starter or someone who wants to learn type faster. It does not have those fancy games that many apps have but instead is useful. Not to mention that it is free, unlike some that after few letters you learn, you have to pay for the rest.

Content is questionable

This is a good tool for learning how to type. I was brushing up on skills I learned in middle school. The content is a bit odd and almost uncomfortable to type at times. The best I can say is it’s a bit negative. The final one where I decided to delete the app was “Dad fell off the ladder, is he safe?” Didn’t really appreciate that one. There will be strings of words that aren’t good as well like hag, slag, nag, drag. You’d be surprised how subtle negativity can affect one’s mindset. At the very least, I wouldn’t recommend this for kids.

This app is very Cool!

to learn touch typing this app is enough! I really believe there is no reason to pay money when such nice app is available. There could be more features to make it even better including targeted training for those letters you frequently type wrong, However for a free app. I don’t really demand that! also a record of your previous sessions could be useful for tracking your progress. Anyway, thank you :)


well, some of you guys may say that it is the “best” typing game ever made, but I do NOT agree with that AT ALL. I must admit that it is a way to learn typing, but it is VERY boring when learning. you have to type random stuff, such as: ffffjjjjjfffjfjfjffjjfjjfjjjfjjfjfjfjfjjffj… for thousands of times. when you mistype something, you have to do the entire thing all over again! the worst part is that it can NOT delete what you had just typed, and when you actually mistyped something, you need a few seconds to figure out what letter you should press next, which, in fact, slows you down when typing.

Can’t complain to much since it’s free

Not a bad typing program. I already know how to type so I’m just using this to have a little fun — I just find typing the letter 1 by using the letter L kind of pointless, and it just throws me off. Never encountered a computer where you type the 1 key using the letter L. It’s not Mavis Beacon (which is how I learned) but for a free program, I can’t complain too much. :)

Simple but more effective than ever

I’ve tried different typing software on MAC but this is the most simple and it does not make me frustrated to learn typing. You can get familliar with it pretty fast. Thanks for making this and it’s even free.

Fast, easy and not too frustrating method to learn typing

I’m embarrassed to admit that I was still hunting and pecking at the keyboard at the age of 26. I was determined to become a touch typist and went searching through the App Store to find something that could quickly help me learn how. Most of the apps are geared toward children and rightfully so, but I wanted something that could be used by an adult, was simple, straight-forward and extensive. Fortunately I found Typist. This app takes you from the very beginning and helps you learn all the keys, including the upper row of number keys. Within three days of using it, I was touch typing (albeit slowly) and within a week, I had become a permanent touch typist. The nice thing about the app is that it caters to typists of all age and experience level and helps you to both improve your accuracy and speed with a number of different, quick and easy lessons. Plus the price can’t be beat. Bottom line: If you’re looking to finally learn touch typing or would like to improve your typing speed, I would highly recommend downloading and using this app.

There are MUCH better free web apps out there

In some modules, you are not allowed to make a SINGLE mistake before coninuing on. This is more like punishment, not learning.

Learn how to type

Guys I had no idea how to type without looking at the keyboard, using typist for just two weeks is just enaough to make the miracle happen! The key is to be consistent. It is a great app and I highly recommend it.

Excellent way to learn typing

I am a software developer who have been programming with just two fingers my entire life. I looked for apps to learn typing and stumbled across this one. In just a month I went from hunt and peck to typing away without looking at the keyboard. You just need to be patient and willing to put some time in. If all you want is learning how to type properly 100% without the fancy features that other reviewers here complain about, this is the App to get.

better off to buy mastery key

HORRIBLE didnt even help i bought a 15$ master key and got better results. DONT BUY

No evaluation — speed/error measuring doesn’t work

OK this app does show you letters to type, but when you finish a lesson, there is text which is supposed to show the strokes/min, the typing speed and the error ratio. For me these are always 0. It doesn’t work. There also doesn’t seem to be any way to measure your progress as you get better. It’s just a very simplistic program that doesn’t do much as far as I can tell. I don’t see how it has such good ratings, unless I’m missing something.

Great Teacher!

I started using this app without any knowledge of formal typing. Within a few short weeks of practicing as advised by the program, I was typing without looking at the keys. The app really works, you should try it!

So grateful to Typist

You did the impossible and taught me touch typing at the age of 54. The program is simple, and the lessons are no nonsense and all you have to do is work through them, and practice. Also did wonders for my self esteem, to finally seize control over the keyboard. I got so good at it, I’m now using a blank-key Trulyergonomic keyboard! You don’t need anything except Typist. Michael Prenez-Isbell Manager Emerging Technologies Conde Nast

Really great

This little app does everything it needs to, and it does the job well. Always finding myself trying to improve many things in my life such as penmanship, and typing skills. Lessons are quick and it works.


simple easy very light weight. this is all need to be a better typist.

way too hard

My dad tried to make me do this when i was 8. This is not for 8 or younger for sure.

Spacebar/ delete button drills needed

Delete button/ arrows/ numbers/ tab / return/ command / alt/ control/ fn/ drills are needed

Exactly as described - fine implementation of the KISS approach!!!

This is a great, simple and straight-forward program for proper touch-typing at multiple levels of skill. Some programs/apps are just better when left looking bare-bones without all the unessecesary frills and destractions so the CONTENT can remain focused, understandable, intelligently thought-out, and thus, can be executed perfectly with perfect results. This app is a PERFECT example of that - less is really A LOT more! Highly recommend this for anyone learning to type, needs to brush up on their typing, learn some new techniques, et al. Hands down 5-stars from me! So glad this app exists!

easy and simple

No fancy bells and whistles and it gets the job done. Great app for simply learning to type.

Really Nice!

I like this app a lot. It really breaks things down well. I certainly have many bad habbits to overcome, and I think typist will be very helpful in that regard. Recommended for sure!

Simple and effective

Nothing super-fancy; just a nice, simple program to help your typing skills. Lessons each take less than 10 minutes, so it’s easy to fit in a lesson here and there during the busy day.

Best typing app so far.

I used other typing instructor apps in the beginning; however, they were all not very helpful. My typing was very clumsy. With “Typist,” everthing changed. The app's layout is simple and intuitive. My learning process was rapid. I could mentally remember where the keys were without having to look at the keyboard. My typing speed increased naturally. I would certainily recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn typing with the ten fingers. Try this app, you will not regret. In no time, you will be on your way to amazing your friends about how well and fast you can type. Thanks to the developer. By the way, I typed this review in two minutes. That is an average of 55 words per minute. Not bad for a beginner.

Really help

It’s really great app. It’s takes time and patient but eventually once you get the hang of it. Its fun to practice. You know what they say practive makes perfect, not the whole other way around.

Amazing App!

By far one of the best apps I have ever came across. I am a college student who never learned how to type without looking. This app changed that. I saw some reviews stating that they disliked the fact that the app keeps making you redo the selection of words until you get it right. I felt the same way until I began noticing that that repetition was truly helping me memorize where all the keys are and which fingers to use. It feels nice not having to look at the keys or even at the screen while typing something. This app is great for people of any age who want to learn how to type without looking, both kids or adults. If for some reason they start charging for this app it will still be worth it. Overall:
 -Effectiveness: 100% -Rating: 10/10 -Recommend: Yes! -Daily use: I use it whenever I get chance in order to improve my WPM (words per minute) count.

At first I was frustrated, but now I’m loving this program!

I took typing in high school (seemed like an easy elective) and am adequate at touch-typing, although I still look at the keyboard often. Since I’ve been writing a lot recently I wanted to get faster/better, so I downloaded this app. At first I was frustrated because if you even make one mistake you have to start the excersise over. I even got so frustrated that I looked around for another typing app/program other than this one. I couldn’t find anything that I was willing to spend money on, so I went back to this one. I’m really glad I did. Having to be consistantly accurate has made me pay more attention to proper form, and I’ve even been able to start correcting bad habbits that I’ve been doing for years (such as using the left-shift for all capitalization, regardless of which side of the keyboard the letter was on). Now that I’m re-acclimating myself, I can feel myself getting faster, and my accuracy has definitely improved. Excellent app!

Excellent Application, but can only install once.

I’ve been drilling with this app for a few days and my speed and accuracy have improved measurably. The only problem, which did not effect my rating, was that I can only install it on one of my Macs. I have a stay-at-home Mac and a travel Mac, but once I installed in on my stay-at-home Mac that was all I could work on. It’s not like I have to pay a fee for each installation, so I am a bit confused about this limitation. Perhaps it is Apples problem, not the author. Other than that, this is a great application. I’ll keep it around just to keep my speed up.


its amamzing ! if you want to learn how to type this is the app to use. if you just stay focused and not look at your fingers when yutype it really helps. and i like how if you dont think you are ready to learn a new letter or soemhing you can just press back a redo what ever slides you want to do again. love this app!!

Just what one needs to learn touch typing!!

Great app to start off touch typing

Greate application

Hi there, thanks for building such grate app. Please add colemak and other keyboard layouts support.

  • send link to app