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Mediocre at best...

I am a fast typist; averaging about 65wpm using a slightly altered "perfect" typing technique. Since elementary school I used Type Teach programs and am quite used to them. This one, however, is slightly strange. It demands you put a double-space after a period, and constantly demands the semi-colon ; to be used, a punctuation mark not highly used. Having to use double-spaces is extremely frustrating for normal users (Americans, Canadians, British dont use double-space). The sentences given are also really "unlikely". The creators need to realize that the words which should be learnt to type should be commonly used words. Not words like "slag" ?…… I dont recommend this program unless youre really desperate. Did not experience any crashes or bugs as of yet.

lame beyond lame

Text-based interface that is so basic its laughable. This operates like a novice programmed it. Its just awful.

Take the feedback to heart

We wouldnt comment if we didnt care. Clean it up (single spaces, and backspace delete) and charge for it if you wish. Please dont leave it like some unwashed child.

very useful app

The app is really good. Furhtermore it would b perfect if i could import my own texts ….

Easy and its making me learn really fast too

I like it. It worth it.

Fix bug

In lesson t10 everytime I hit the 1 key it says that I hit the wrong key. I know this is incorrect because the line “11 times 11 is 121.” doesn’t work when you use the 1 key. There is no other possible key that this could be linked to. Fix the code.

If i make a mistake.. Add Delete function!

when i typed the wrong alphabet or wrong number, i could not delete and its very annoying. please fix this app and add delete function so i can retype it.

Great tutor!

I wish we could use the back space, just like i’d do in real life. As an option would be good. Apart from this, great app. Minimalist in the interface, but the way the technique is implemented makes it a nice tutor. Oh, there is NO WAY to contact support.

Good for the price

It’s a great little app for learning the basics of touch typing. And it’s also good for practicing what you already know. My main concern with the app is how they teach some of the keys on the keyboard such as the numbers. They say to use your ‘f’ finger to type ‘4’ but the ‘4’ key is much better reached by the ‘d’ finger since the distance is shorter. Small concern but you should be aware of it.

really good.

its really cool. it has several kinds of lessons, and its useful for those who wants to learn typping correctly, or also for those who already know, but would like to improve speed.

To get the Japanese you have to put your system into Japanese

I downloaded this app thinking I could practice my Japanese typing. Instead of giving the user a choice of which language to type, you actually have to set your entire system into Japanese to have the app give you the Japanese option. There is a 3rd party app that will force this app into Japanese so you wont have to set your entire system into the language.

Great & Simple Application

I wish if it was more nice to look at grapically too.

simply great

I use this application on regular basis and I think its really greate. Way better option for OS X comparing to typist.

How to switch?

Hm, my Mac OS system language is set to english. But I want to practise in Japanese typing. I didnt find this option.


A very good and useful thing))

It may be repetative but that is how you learn to touch type!

I read some of the reviews on this program and some of the negativity around it. So I decided to see what the issue was. In short, it’s people not understanding that typing is learned from muscle memory and repetition. Even exercises where you repeatedly type one letter than then another are part of your body getting acquainted with where that key is located as you read the letter. Someone even got all “oh my they are soooo negative.” When the exercise was reviewing word letter combinations. like lag, nag, bag, slag, gag, etc… it’s the combinations of letters and/or relation to the position of the letters on the keyboard. Another said it was boring, um, this isn’t the games section it’s education, not all education needs to be a game. Some of it is boring, but you have to learn the boring things to get to the part that is more interesting to you. Someone questioned why it is counted against you if you backspace and correct it (they didn’t seem to know how to backspace either). It’s because it IS AN ERROR. Even though you corrected it you made and error initially when you typed it. The goal of this program is to type it right the first time error free, and then once you are error free work on increasing your speed. I have been typing for more than a decade and this course is solid and it’s methods are very similar to how I learned to type in school. If you put in the time and go through the paces and repetitiveness you WILL learn to type and sticking to it you will type faster and without needing to look at the keyboard. My only suggestion to help anyone is to place a cardboard box over your keyboard with the side cut out. It will take away your ability to look at the keyboard, but in the long run you will be forced to remember where the keys are located. With a some dedication you can easily type 40 wpm (words per minute). I haven’t tried to speed type for years, I just type how I type. But I found that I still type 50 wpm.

Wow, I love it!

As a watch-the-keyboard beginning-level typist, I was even willing to pay money for a training program. Many years ago, I enjoyed Mavis Beacon encouraging me; sadly, recent reviews also enjoyed the OLDER versions and didn’t like the newer ones as much. Plus the least expensive was $20, as a download. This one is GREAT! I also benefited greatly from a sugggestion from Whizbang Trainer to put a box over the keyboard so I can’t see my hands. Wow, that did the trick. Those people moaning about how boring typing fff jj ff jjj is aren’t having as much trouble with it as I am, typing truly blindly. It’s using brain-parts I can almost hear doddering around, bumbling into one another, trying to wake up. It’s definitely a case of doing 3 impossible things before breakfast, and kind of fun, once my head stops feeling strange. Maybe the moaners need a keyboard box. Many thanks to both Whizbang Trainer and the programmers of this stellar App!!


A great tool to brush up your typing skills. I have really enjoyed using it.

Pretty Good Program, But...

I recommend offering a single space after each sentence as an option. Like many others, growing up I learned to use a double space, but quickly unlearned it as my college experience taught me that this is no longer the standard. However, there doesnt seem to be an incorrect way - it is preferential. Making it an option would resolve the issue. Personally, Id rather not have to use double spacing (which took me some time to get out of the habit of) for the speed tests that I use to improve my speed, only to have it essentially ineffective because I do not use double spacing in the real world.

An Excellent Typing Application

This is a wonderful app to use if you are a beginner or if you just need to refresh your skills. This app covers it all. The only requirement is that you practice and dont look at the keys.

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